A revolutionary piece of

We can predict a match. Sustainable. Validated.

Used at the beginning of the hiring-process, without the prejudice of age, race, gender or experience: our algorithm can actually scientifically predict a successful working-relationship between your candidate and its co-worker(s).

Faster. More reliant. Easier. More effective.
And more sustainable then how you used to do it.

A match as colourful as you

We combine the day-to-day experience of recruitment and staffing with the unique and ground-breaking algorithm we developed ourselves. From every vessel in our body we do believe in embracing differences and reinventing connecting people without prejudice.

Watch our believe!

In 3 simple steps onward to
a sustainable recruitment match:

N1Easily set up your profile and answer our famous Pure Personality Assessment. Ready within 15minutes!


So does your applicant or colleague. Meanwhile, let our patented and validated algorithm do its work.


Get a match in seconds and a sustainable professional-relationship for the future.

100 questions all about… you

Those 100 questions in our Pure Personality Assessment are not just hand-picked.. They are evolved from several years of research by lead Prof. Dr. Reinout de Vries and his team at the University of Amsterdam. They are based on the HEXACO model, adjusted to the relevance of the work field and combined with socio-demographic requirements. Pretty unique we can assure you. So give it a try!

87,6% match

It’s not rocket science

No, actually it is even more complicated.. But that’s the back-end and the ‘magic-box’. The way it works is very simple. You set up a profile and answer 100 questions. So does the applicant you are about to hire. The platform scientifically matches you with your future colleague(s). It works for both individual working relations as well as for teams.

Our revolutionary algorithm matches the science of both personality profiles and ideal-co-worker-profiles and predicts which candidates have the best possibility to successfully work together, at the start of the hiring process.

So you don’t need to fight your way through resumes, letters or randomly pick someone. Nope. We (our product) do that for you, without knowing any details about who is who. It works completely without prejudice of age, gender, race or experience.

Watch our video to see it for yourself!

It’s incredibly easy

It predicts whether your applicant suits the requirements and those that the organization has defined as important for the job, (or even better your future colleagues), or not. Simple as that.

Without the prejudice of race, age, experience or gender: the applicant remains anonymous until selected. It is proven that after using our tool, the work relation is more effective, more engaged, more satisfied and contributes not only to the organization, but also to the world.

We are the only one in the world that can predict a working-relationship
based on personality.

Simple as that.

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Is it really that simple? Yes it is. Try if for yourself and see if we are right. In just 3 clicks you are set to go.

And as an introduction gift, the first one is on us.

Meet our happy clients

Several clients have experienced what our tool can do for their organization and their people. It went from “Whooohoo!” to “This is what we were waiting for” and a new hire briefly told us that “not only his job, but also his personal life got a boost from all those insights”. Here are some:

Every day we see the results when using Pure.

Roel van Gorkum
Roel van GorkumManager Tence

Pure is the next big thing for 2016.

Gerwin Hop
Gerwin HopCEO Overmorgen

Pure makes you look differently towards people.

Rizwaan Ashkari
Rizwaan AshkariCEO